Xmund XD-HK2 Automatic Umbrella 2-3 People Portable Camping UPF50+ Waterproof Folding Sunshade – Black

Brand Xmund Xiaomi Xiaomi
Material NC Polyester Polyester
UPF value 50+ 40+ 50+
Open mode Automatic Manually Automatic
Opening diameter 100cm / 39.37inch 115cm / 45.28inch 107cm / 42.13inch
Folded size 29cm / 11.42inch 32cm / 12.60inch 33.6cm / 13.23inch
Price $11.99 $15.99 $35.66
Brand Xmund XD-HK2
Material Fabric: 100% NC
Ribs: stainless steel and glass fiber
Open mode Automatic
Color Black
UPF value 50+
Bone number 8
Bone length 58.5cm / 23.03inch
Size Opening diameter: 100cm / 39.37inch
Folded length: 29cm / 11.42inch
Weight 375g
Xmund XD-HK2 Automatic umbrella very strong and durable.
Umbrella cloth with level 5 waterproof performance, easy shake off the water or the suface after havery rain.
Efficient sunlight-shading and heat-insulating effect, UPF 50+ coating can effectively block the harmful ultraviolet rays and do achieve UV protection.
Safety anti-rebound structure, the selection of aluminum alloy as the rod part gives high strength and toughness.
Package Includes:
1 x Xmund XD-HK2 automatic umbrella
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