XIAOMI HUOHOU Multi-function Knife 15 Functions Folding Knife Bottle Opener Screwdriver / Pliers


Description :
XIAOMI HUOHOU Multi-function Knife 15 Functions Folding Knife Bottle Opener Screwdriver / Pliers
– [ 15 Functions ] : Needle-nose Plier / Standard Plier / Wire Cutter / Hard wire Plier / Thick Wire Plier/ Wood Saw / Main Knife / Phillips Screw / Rope Knife / Stripping Long Knife / Can opener / Bottle opener / Slotted screwdriver / Glass Impactor / Big Scissor
– [ 2 Kinds Of Polishing Process ] : Most of the overall tools are treated with a matte finish. The main knife and the wood saw are used for bright processing to enhance the sharpness, while all the screws and hooks are brightly processed to improve the overall contrast.
– [ 294 Procedures ] : Process 294 processes, respectively, processing plate parts, casting parts, improve hardness, handle rough surface, trim the burrs, polishing and polishing, and strictly control the overall equipment process
– [ 65 Parts ] : The HUOHOU multi-function knife is powerful, complex in structure and has up to 65 parts. If individual parts are biased, this high-quality experience cannot be experienced even with precise assembly.
Awords :
– [ HUOHOU design team won the German ISPO DESIGN AWARD ]
Specification :
50Cr15MoV Alloy Steel
420J2 Martensitic Steel
30Cr13 stainless steel
Nano Ceramic Beads
Color Silver
Weight 200g
Size 110 x 40 mm
15 Functions
1.Needle-nose plier
2. Standard plier
3. Wire cutter
4. Cut hard wire plier
5. Thick wire plier
6. Wood saw
7. Main knife
8. Phillips screw
9. Rope knife
10. Stripping long knife
11. Can opener
12 Bottle opener
13. Slotted screwdriver
14. Glass impactor
15. Big scissor
Package Includes :
1 x XIAOMI HUOHOU Multi-function Knife

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