MUSTOOL MT108T Square Wave Output True RMS NCV Temperature Tester Digital Multimeter 6000 Counts Backlight AC DC Current/Voltage Resistance Frequency Capacitance

MUSTOOL 108 Series
2018 Newest Multimeter
Simple and Solid Black Shape, Full High-tech Feeling
Pocket Size, but Fully Functional, Meet All Your Needs.
Description :
The MUSTOOL MT108T is a pocket-sized 6000 counts automatic digital instrument.
It’s a stable performance, high precision, high reliability clear readings, and overload protection.
With a large-screen LCD display, boost power supply, even in the 2.3V low battery edge, it can guarantee the backlight high brightness, the table is easy to carry, is a vast number of users extremely like the instrument, the backlight can be bright can be automatically turned off after 15 seconds.It’s an ideal tool for the laboratory, factory, radio enthusiasts and families.
Features :
50Hz-5000Hz Square Wave output.
Auto Power-off.
Auto Range (User can choose manual operation)
HD LCD screen display with backlight .
(Tips: Press and hold the backlight key for 2 seconds to turn on the 15S auto off function; press for 3 seconds, the backlight remains on.)
Diode 4.2V high voltage output, easy to light the LCD.
10A large current measurement, UA level small current measurement
Main measurement: AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, capacitance, diode, frequency, duty cycle, continuity, buzzer
SPECIAL FUNCTIONS: [Square wave output, NCV(Non contact voltage), temperature measurement, flashlight, True RMS measurement. ]
Specification :
Symbol functions
DC voltage DCV ▲Yes
AC voltage ACV ▲Yes
DC current DCA ▲Yes
AC current ACA ▲Yes
ResistanceDiode On-off ▲Yes
Frequency F ▲Yes
Capacitance C ▲Yes
NCV ▲Yes
Wave Output ▲Yes
Full unit symbol ▲Yes
Backlight manual/auto off ▲Yes
True RMS measurement ▲Yes
DC voltage (DCV)
Range Accuracy Resolution
6V ± (0.5%+3) 0.001V
60V 0.01V
600V 0.1V
1000V ± (0.8%+10) 1V
AC voltage(DCV)
Range Accuracy Resolution
6V ± (0.8%+3) 0.001V
60V 0.01V
600V 0.1V
750V ± (1.2%+10) 1V
DC Current (DC mA)
Range Accuracy Resolution
60mA ± (1.2%+10) 10uA
600mA 100uA
DC Current (DC uA)
Range Accuracy Resolution
600uA ± (1.2%+10) 0.1uA
6000uA 1uA
AC Current (AC mA)
Range Accuracy Resolution
60mA ± (1.2%+10) 10uA
600mA 100uA
AC Current (AC uA)
Range Accuracy Resolution
600uA ± (1.2%+10) 0.1uA
6000uA 1uA
DC/AC 10A Current (DC/ACA)
Range Accuracy Resolution
6A ± (2.0%+30) 0.01A
10A 0.01A
Resistance (Ω)
Range Accuracy Resolution
600Ω ± (0.8%+5) 0.1Ω
6kΩ ± (0.8%+3) 1Ω
60kΩ 10Ω
600kΩ 100Ω
6MΩ 1kΩ
40MΩ ± (2.5%+3) 10kΩ
Range Accuracy Resolution
60nF ± (3.5%+20) 10pF
600nF 100pF
6uF 1nF
60uF 10nF
600uF 100nF
6mF ± (5%+3) 11uF
30mF 10uF
Frequency measurement:
Range Accuracy Resolution
10Hz ± (0.1%+3) 0.01Hz
100Hz 0.1Hz
1kHz 1Hz
10kHZ 10Hz
100kHz 100Hz
1MHz 1kHz
20MHz 10kHz
Temperature measurement (°C/°F)
Range Accuracy Resolution
(-20-1000 )℃ ± (1.0%+5) <400℃ ± (1.5%+15)≥400℃ 1℃ (0-1832 )℉ ± (0.75%+5) <750℉ ± (1.5%+15)≥750℉ 1℉ Square Wave Output: 50Hz/100Hz/200Hz/300Hz/400Hz/500Hz/600Hz/700Hz/800Hz/ 900Hz/1000Hz/2000HZ/4000HZ/5000HZ Duty Cycle: range: 1%~99%;resolution: 0.1%; accuracy: ±(0.1%+2) Diode: √(DC forward current is 5mA, voltage is 3V) Continuity: √(no more than 50Ω) Maximum display: 6000 (3 5/6) bits automatic polarity display Measurement: double integral A / D conversion Sampling rate: about 3 times per second Overrange display: the most significant bit was "0L" Low voltage display: symbol appears Working environment: (0 to 40)℃, relative humidity <80% Power supply: AAA 1.5V battery (Not included) Volume (size): 142×70×32mm(L×W×H) Weight: about 200g FInd the other versions: MT108N - Upgrade Version - Comes with Live Wire Distinguish function MT108 - Basic Version Package includeds : 1 x MUSTOOL MT108T True RMS Multimeter 2 x Test Lead Set 1 x Temperature Sensing Cable 1 x English User Manual Details pictures :
Date:19.12.2018 Price:9.02 EUR and Coupon:20MT108T
Date:29.12.2018 Price:8.77 EUR and Coupon:20MT108T
Date:28.01.2019 Price:8.86 EUR and Coupon:45efab
Date:06.02.2019 Price:8.76 EUR and Coupon:45efab
Date:19.03.2019 Price:8.85 EUR and Coupon:20MT108T
Date:11.04.2019 Price:8.91 EUR and Coupon:20MT108T
Date:30.05.2019 Price:8.97 EUR and Coupon:BG108DMM


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