Haikelite SC26 XHP35 HD/HI 2050Lumens Modes Set Brightness Portable EDC 26650 LED Flashlight + 26350 Tube – Black XHP35 HD CW


Product name: Haikelite SC26 XHP35 HD/HI 2050Lumens EDC LED Flashlight
Brand: Haikelite
Model: SC26
Emitter Type: XHP35 HD/HI
Max Output: 2050Lumens
Light Color & Color Temperature: Natural White: 5000k
Cool White: 6500k
Battery Configurations: 1×26350 / 2×26350 / 1×26650 (Not included)
Switch Type: Clicky
Switch Location: Side Switch
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Impact Resistant 1 m
Waterproof: Yes
Lens: Double AR-Coated glass lens
Reflector: Aluminium Alloy reflector
Carrying Strap: Clip
Color: Brown/Black/Blue/Green/Silver
Weight: 98g
Size: 85mmx35mm (26350 tube)
125mmx35mm (26650 tube)
Package inclued:
1 x Haikelite SC26 XHP35 HD/HI 2050Lumens EDC 26650 LED Flashlight
1 x Lanyard
1 x Clip
1 x O-ring
1 x 26350 tube
By default Smooth Ramping UI: (from 2lms to 2050lms)
Turn the light on: Single Click the button
Ramping light level: press&hold button
Reverse ramping level: While ramping in one direction, release button briefly and press&hold again.
Instant turbo: Double click
Back to previous level: Double click again
Turn the light off: Single Click the button
8xClicks to enter Modes UI from Ramping UI
8xClicks to enter Ramping UI from Modes UI
Modes UI: (5 groups)
5xClicks to select 5 groups ; The light flashes once and turn it off to select Group 1 ; The light flashes 5 times to select Group 5.
1) Group: Low 150lms > 450 Lms> 1050 Lms
2) Group: 2lms(<1ma)> 750lms> max 2050lms
3) Group: 2lms(<1ma)> 150lms> 750lms>max 2050lms
4) Group: 2lms(<1ma)> 20lms > 150lms > 750lms> 1200lms >Max 2050lms
5) Group: 2lms(<1ma)> max 2050lms > Strobe> SOS

Thermal Protection:
By default when the light is over 45 degree , the light will start to step down to 450lms

To enter thermal protection setting by 10xclicks:
The light flashes once and turn it off to select 45 degree step-down temperature
The light flashes twice and turn it off to select 55 degree step-down temperature
The light flashed 3 times and turn it off to select 65 degree step-down temperature
Power Indication (single cell)
1. Blue + red
a) >3.6V Blue light
b) <3.6V Blue light flashes c) Below 3V Red light flashes Digital switch lockout: When the light in on,Double click followed by a long press to lockout the flashlight; Repeat to unlock.

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