CARKU X6 12V 10000mAh Emergency Jump Starter Booster Multi-functional LED Light Compass SOS Mode Power Bank Q3.0 Fast Charging Auto Power Source

CARKU CAR EMERGENCY START POWER, built-in LED lighting, outdoor compass and other multi-functional integration. In the outdoor self-driving tour process,when the car stalled, it has the function of emergency lighting and direction identification. It is one of the must-have products for car enthusiasts who like outdoor driving.
Brand CARKU XIAOMI Ecological Chain Brand
Model X6
Output Fast charging (5V = 2.4A; 9V = 2A); 5V = 2.1A / 12V Car Start
Input Type-C (5V=2A)
Starting current 250A
Peak current 600A
Capacity 10000mAh (37Wh)
Weight 435g
Size 173* 83* 25(mm)
— Multi-functional car jump starter, built-in LED light, compass, with Q3.0 fast charging.
— The starting current is 250A, the peak current is 600A, and it can start up to 30 times.
— The 4000mAh mobile phone can charge more than 50% in 25 minutes while supporting 9V/2A charging.
— Can start cars, off-road vehicles, electric cars, v ans, pickups, 12Vtrucks, agricultural vehicles, motorcycles and other vehicles.
— It can charge digital products such as mobile phones and tablets, and supports 9V/2A output, which is 80% higher than 5V/2A.
— Compact design, easy to carry, can be placed in the central control storage box, hand groove cup, door pocket, and so on, does not occupy space.
— 10 Protection: Short circuit protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, reverse connection protection, over charge protection, over voltage protection, over temperature protection, over temperature protection, extreme low power consumption, AI software protection
Package Included:
1 x Emergency Jump Starter
1 x Type-C Data Cable
1 x Smart Battery Clip
1 x Storage Bag
* The power supply is a 12V power supply and can only be used for 12V vehicles. It cannot be used for 24V vehicles. Starting range: Below 12L, 12V petrol and less than 2.0 diesel.

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