Alfawise V5 TWS Wireless Mini Earbuds Bluetooth Stereo Bilateral Earphones with Portable Charging Dock – Black Bluetooth 4.2 379967003 Dynamic Moving Coil High-quality Sound IPX5 Waterproof Ergonomic Compatible with iOS Android


Main Features:
● Mono mode and stereo mode, auto shutdown and charging
● Dynamic driver with the moving coil for crystal-clear and more powerful sound
● Bluetooth 4.2, stereo sound, auto pairing after power up. Faster, more stable, and power-saving
● Innovative touch control for playing songs, handling calls, adjusting the volume
● 500mAh charging box / storage case for easy carrying and 4 charging times wherever you are
● IPX5 waterproof, ergonomic, lightweight, comfortable for the ears

1. If the headset fails to pair up, press and hold the headset for about 10 seconds while the headset is shut down and reset the headset
2. Unable to answer the phone ( when the phone is used for the first time, the phone is usually in the default mode of phone reception. When the phone is turned on, select the button of the speaker and click the earphone mode, the phone can normally use the earphone call function
3. Unilateral headset can’t use, there are three possible cause of, the first long press the power button first, did confirm the headphones sound ( such as not sound, the horn was broken, the problem belongs to the manufacturer ). In the second place, if there is a voice, return it back to charge warehouse, at the same time pair the two side headphones headset, then open the phone Bluetooth pairing. Third, if the two earphones cannot be paired with each other, reset the earphones at this time
4. If one side cannot be charged, gently clean the dust inside the charging contact with a small pillar to see if it can be charged

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